Do you have a brick wall on your house that needs some deep cleaning? Or, a stained concrete floor, maybe? Or, you might be wanting to repaint your car. Dustless blasting can just be the perfect service you need to make any surface look like brand new.

Sandblasting is a surface preparation technique wherein a pressurized stream of air with particles are pushed out from a nozzle and directed towards a surface.

Typical blasting media are abrasives and include sand, silicon carbide, broken glass, steel, aluminum dioxide, and so much more. It is often called abrasive blasting, too.

The high velocity of the particles can sometimes increase the temperature of the surface with traditional dry sandblasting. This is undesirable for certain materials because warping can occur unless it is your goal with it.

Warping, however, is not an option for most of the applications. A typical example would be when you are restoring and preserving antiques.

Fortunately, dustless blasting can address this issue. With this technique, the high-pressure stream of blasting media is mixed with water, not air.

With this, the temperature comes down by about 10 degrees from room temperature. And so, it lessens the risk of increasing the temperature and causing warping.

Benefits of Dustless Blasting

Dustless blasting addresses hazards that come with blasting. Airborne particles from the compressed air and from the surface being treated may harm the workers and the others present in the area as these can be toxic.

Aside from irritating the eyes, the particles may also get into the lungs and cause silicosis. The noise from the process can also be harmful to the ears.

But when the media are wet, controlling them becomes easier. This, along with safety practices, makes the process safe for the workers.

It is also harmful to the environment if tiny specks of the toxic materials contaminate the area. With dustless blasting, the cleanup is easier.

To further determine if this is what you need for your target activity, here are the different ways that this surface preparation technique can be useful for you.

Applications of Dustless Blasting

This wet blasting process is the future of surface preparation. While pressure washing can also clean surfaces, the use of abrasives in dustless blasting can give you a more efficient and uniform outcome.

And the ability of pressure washing is limited compared to the endless possibilities that come with dustless blasting.

Brick, Stone, and Wood Cleaning

brick cleaning with sandblasting before and after pictures

Before & After

Buyers will still choose an old but well-maintained house over a newer one that lacks proper maintenance. And one way to efficiently maintain and clean parts of your house is through dustless blasting.

It can remove molds, mildew, dirt, and even rust in stone walls. In no time, the surface will look like new again as if it has not been exposed to the elements.

If you have a brick wall that needs cleaning, you can utilize the technology without damaging the actual material. This becomes handy for fireplaces where fire smoke and soot can be difficult to remove manually or through conventional cleaning.

May it be a stone wall, a concrete patio, a wooden deck, or your swimming pool that needs cleaning, your property will get a facelift from the efficient service.

Paint Stripping

Want to repaint a house or remove graffiti? Using this technique is highly efficient for this job. It removes paint or any coating from virtually any surface, may it be concrete, wood, stone, or metal.

Remove Paint from stone with sandblastiing before and after pictures

Before & After


It comes handy when remodeling or renovating an area of the house. Or, you may also do this for auto repainting. Prior to repainting, you can remove the previous paint entirely which primes the surface for a new coating.

You can also apply this for old signages or parking lot line stripes that need removal.

Rust Removal

Aside from the surface preparation for repainting, you can make a surface look brand new by removing grime and rust. This is great for the restoration of cars and antiques without damaging the original material.

media blasting on old truck before and after pictures

Before & After

For this, you may need to mix a rust inhibitor with the water and blasting media. And you may need to schedule a repainting after the rust removal so as not to expose the surface long enough that rust will develop again.

Fouling Removal

Underneath yachts and ships, marine growth is inevitable. While antifouling paint can help, there will come a time that it will need refreshing.

Before repainting, restore the surfaces with dustless blasting. It can remove even the tough barnacles that thrived in propellers and other parts of your boat.

sandblasting oklahoma and texas

Refineries and chemical plants can also benefit from it. Cleaning metal tanks and equipment that contain a build-up of any substance requires minimal to zero downtime.

Not just on metal surfaces, you can also clean up stained concrete floors more efficiently. It is always a good impression in business that all areas are clean.

This is especially true for manufacturing plants which aim to lessen environmental impacts.

Surface Modification

The pressurized stream of abrasives can also cause the surface to change. You can make a rough surface smooth. Or you can make a smooth area rough as in etching.

These are options when you want a different texture for the surface or when making signages or symbols instead of painting them.

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