Sandblasting Services in Dallas, Fort Worth

OnsiteMB is your premier mobile sandblasting company fully equipped to perform any residential and commercial sandblasting services in Dallas, Fort Worth and surrounding areas. We take pride in providing the highest standards of workmanship in any of your surface preparation and restoration needs.

Our Sandblasting Services in Dallas, Fort Worth

To those new to sandblasting, our services could very well be the solution you are looking for in terms of surface preparation or restoration. Below we enumerate how we can prepare and/or restore practically any surface in the most efficient manner at the fraction of the time.

Residential Sandblasting Services

Residents in Dallas, Fort Worth can count on us for any surface preparation needs through our mobile dustless blasting techniques:

  • Removal of paint from wood
  • Graffiti  wall cleaning/graffiti removal
  • Brick cleaning /paint removal
  • Sandblasting paint off concrete
  • Rust removal 
  • Fire Restoration/Soot removal
  • Antique restoration
  • Wood restoration
  • Oil stains on the garage or driveway
  • Pool tile cleaning

Restore Wood Cabins with Sandblasting OK, Tx

Commercial Sandblasting Application

OnsiteMB is your trusted and reliable commercial sandblaster in Dallas, Fort Worth, and surrounding areas. Our services will enable huge savings for you as we provide the fastest, most efficient surface preparation and maintenance for your property and equipment.

If you are looking for a fast and efficient paint and graffiti removal, rust removal from your equipment, or any automotive, marine, or industrial surface preparation, talk to us to find the best solution. Our dustless sandblasting includes (but not limited to) the following:


  • Rust removal from equipment and any metal surfaces
  • Fleet and/or heavy equipment stripping
  • Trucks and trailers sandblasting
  • Concrete Paint/Curb Paint Removal
  • Architectural sandblasting – speedy and efficient restoration of building’s surfaces
  • Fire and soot removal
  • Oil stains

Marine Sandblasting

sandblasting oklahoma and texas

  • Barnacle and marine growth removal
  • Anti-fouling paint removal
  • Epoxy removal
  • Bottom paint removal
  • Surface preparation
  • Boat paint restoration

Automotive Sandblasting

Gone are the days of wasting hours grinding and sanding. Automotive sandblasting is your answer to fast and efficient services such as:

  • Paint stripping
  • Powder coating removal
  • Rust removal for car restoration
  • Chrome removal
media blasting on old truck before and after pictures

Before & After

Advantages of Mobile Sandblasting

    • Fast and efficient surface preparation

Dustless blasting is way more powerful than just power washing, taking on tough paint stripping and rust removal jobs at the fraction of the time.

    • Safe on metals

Our mobile blasting service will not warp metals, making it safe for equipment, automotive, garages, and more.

    • Thorough surface preparation process

Sandblasting touches even hard-to-reach areas that other methods of surface preparation cannot do.

    • Eco-friendly technique

We use recycled glass as it is nature-friendly and cost-effective.

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